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Hazeltine Strawberries has one location in southern Wisconsin, near the town of Janesville offering approximately 12 acres of pick-your-own strawberry fields and pre-picked strawberries.   

Rural Janesville, Wisconsin

Hwy. 11, Six miles west of Janesville, Wisconsin

(608) 876-6161


Pick-Your-Own Strawberries

Hazeltine Strawberries is primarily an opportunity for YOU to pick your own strawberries fresh at the farm!  After beginning the u-pick business over twenty-five years ago, in 1977, owners and operators Doug and Sue Hazeltine have learned how to offer excellent quality and wonderfully delicious June strawberries at affordable prices. The berry season starts the early part of June and lasts three to four weeks at Hazeltine Strawberries. 

Pre-Picked Strawberries

Although the focus of Hazeltine Strawberries is the u-pick business, Doug and Sue Hazeltine try to meet the needs of customers that prefer to purchase strawberries that area already picked.   Pre-picked strawberries are picked fresh daily during the peak part of the June strawberry season.  To better serve their customers at this point, the Hazeltines request that orders for pre-picked berries be placed in advance by telephone.

Storage & Mini-Storage

The Hazeltines have converted sheds and built several new sheds in recent years to accommodate a growing need for the public's storage.  The storage units are available only at the Edgerton location as vacancies occur.  Call the Hazeltines at 608/ 884-8992 if interested in more information or check out the page on this site by clicking here.  




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